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This page lists links to resources on the web describing similar projects and activities:

1. Summary of Solid Earth and Environment Grid (SEEGrid):
(open standards for web-based informational and computational services in the earth and environmental sciences)

2. SEEGrid wiki:

3. OpenMI homepage:

4. GEO - Group On Earth Observations homepage:

5. CESD - The Centre for Earth System Dynamics
(Part of SAGES - Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment and Society. This wiki contains links to various projects which relate to their stated aims. Taken from CESD introduction - "We are a diverse community of experts promoting the modeling of earth surface processes by developing, supporting, and disseminating integrated software modules…")

6. CSDMS - Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System

7. hidrojeoloji.net - Approaches to groundwater modelling

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