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DAEM Project - Data and Applications for Environmental Modelling

The British Geological Survey (BGS) has started a new project called Data and Applications for Environmental Modelling (DAEM). The project is a scoping study running during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters of 2009. The output will be a plan for an implementation project starting in April 2010. This is more fully described in the concept note

There are numerous, independently designed environmental models. The recent document from the European Environment agency entitled Modelling environmental change in Europe highlights the issue. There are two options for creating a multidisciplinary environmental model:

  1. Build from scratch a single comprehensive model; or
  2. Find a method of linking existing models to leverage the prior investment.

To give an example of the issue. In collaboration with INSIGHT the BGS has invested in GSI3D to model geological formations. Independently of GSI3D BGS has developed, in collaboration with the University of Birmingham and the Environment Agency, the ZOOM group of numerical groundwater models. Our sister organization, the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology has invested in hydrological modelling systems. All three models need to interact to provide a greater understanding of the environment. How will this be done? And most importantly perhaps, how will the model results be delivered to policy makers, industry and the general public? This is the purpose of the DAEM Project.

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